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    Love is indescribable. Bobby & I absolutely love being married and adore telling love stories. We met when I was 13 & he was 14 on a mission trip to Mexico. Bobby started filming weddings in 2007 and studied cinematography through college. I started with an interest in photography, but the more I fell in love with Bobby, filming became part of the deal.

    After years together through middle school, high school & college, we tied the knot on June 4, 2011 in Minnesota, surrounded by family & friends. Now, we are wedding videographers in Minneapolis, offering wedding videography services around the world, looking for any excuse to tell a love story with our cameras!

    Redmond Digital Media is proud to be based in Minneapolis, offering wedding videography services around Minnesota, and destination weddings worldwide.

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We don’t even know where to begin with this one. The day, the venue, the couple, and the love that these two share is amazing. We were so thrilled to be there to capture this Telluride wedding video.

The Bride and Groom

Alexandria and Kevin contacted us a long time ago to talk about capturing their wedding video in Telluride, Colorado. They had seen another film we had done, and fell in love. It was perfect because we could tell right away that these two were awesome people, and that their day would be nothing short of amazing. We had been looking forward to this day all year, and it certainly did not disappoint!

The Venue – Private Estate – Telluride, Colorado

We didn’t know a whole lot about the venue going into it, other than it was close to mountains, and you wouldn’t have cell service there. When we pulled up however, our jaws practically hit the ground. Not only was the house absolutely gorgeous on it’s own, but when you combine it with the absolutely stunning views of mountains on all sides, you have a setting for a picture perfect wedding!

The Wedding  – Telluride Wedding Video

Alexandria and Kevin’s Telluride wedding video took place almost entirely at a beautiful private estate in Telluride, Colorado. The girls all got ready in the master bedroom, while the guys hung out just below them in the basement. The day started with Alexandria doing her hair and makeup, and she was soon joined by her bridesmaids. After hair and makeup was finished, Alexandria was helped into her dress by her mom and sister, as all of her bridesmaids watched, smiling from ear to ear! Meanwhile, Kevin got dressed in a white suit, which we thought was absolutely perfect for the day, and then he went outside to patiently await his bride.

After a few finishing touches, Alexandria headed outside as well, where she and Kevin shared a beautiful first look out on the patio. Up to this point the weather had been a bit stormy, and then, all of a sudden the clouds disappeared and the sun came out! Shortly after this, all guests were seated to watch these two officially get married! It was a wonderful ceremony, that related so well to the beautiful surroundings, and the mountainous backdrop was amazing. After the ceremony, Alexandria and Kevin opted to take a little drive to another nearby area and we are so glad they recommended it. It was a giant field that ran up right against the bottom of the mountains, and sat with a beautiful lake. It was one of the most beautiful places we had ever shot at, and the images were absolutely stunning.

From there we made our way back, where Alexandria and Kevin joined their guests for a wonderful meal, great toasts, lots of dancing, and an amazing sunset.

We were so thrilled to be able to capture this Telluride wedding video, and are so happy for Alexandria and Kevin!

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The Vendors!

Photographer | Mango Studios

Venue | Private Estate – Telluride, CO

Coordinator | By Sutton

Catering | Martini Concepts

Photo Booth | 970 Photo Booth Company

Florals | Willowcreek Floral

Hair / Makeup | Jesse Pagel Diaz

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media | Wedding Videography MN

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“Full Moon Song” – Peter Bradley Adams

“New Earth” – Zerbin


Capturing Nora and Eric’s Minneapolis wedding video was such a blast. These two are just amazing people, and so SO in love.

The Bride and Groom

We didn’t get to meet these two before their big day, as they were coming in from out of town, but we just felt an instant connect with them! To put it simply they were just so happy. You could tell how excited they were to get married in how they interacted with everyone around them, and they were just so relaxed the whole day. We found out a little bit into the day that they had spent the morning together going for a walk and getting breakfast and we just thought that was so fun!

The Venue – Gallery 13 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

We had never heard of this venue prior to chatting with Nora and Eric, but it was such a fun and unique space. It sits in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, and seems to function normally as an art gallery, with the option to clear out some things and make space for events. It’s so fun to have a variety of amazing art surrounding the ceremony and reception, and the location is great.

The Wedding  – Minneapolis Wedding Video

Nora and Eric’s Minneapolis wedding video took place all around the downtown area, which was so fun to be a part of. Bot the girls and guys got ready at the Residence Inn downtown, which had a great view. They were each joined by friends and family to help them prepare for their big day. There was such a special moment during prep when Eric and Nora were chatting on the phone figuring out some details. During the same time, Eric was working on his bowtie, and while we had all the confidence in the world that his youtube searches would ultimately result in a perfect bowtie, he asked Nora if she wanted to come do it. She agreed, the blindfold went on, and they shared a super special and unexpected moment. That was a perfect picture of these two. So fun and laid back, just thrilled to be marrying each other.

A bit later, Nora was helped into her dress by her mom, and then had a first look with her dad. After that, Eric and Nora left for the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis to see each other for the first time. It was so fun and a perfect backdrop for a first look. They also had a little crowd forming, waiting to watch these two meet each other for the first time on their big day! After the first look, and a variety of photos around the downtown area, everyone went over to a rooftop bar to enjoy a pre ceremony drink, and to just soak in the day. Then it was time for the ceremony, where they were married by two close friends! Later, everyone was invited to a wonderful meal, and enjoyed great toasts, and a full blown dance part!

We were so honored to shoot Nora and Eric’s Minneapolis wedding video. Capturing their love was effortless, and we had so much fun!

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The Vendors!

Photographer | Hannah Schmitt Photography

Venue | Gallery 13 Minneapolis

Residence Inn

Union Rooftop Bar

DJ | Adagio

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media | Wedding Videography MN

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“You Are A Song” – Jenny & Tyler

“Together” – Animal Island


This Arden Hills Resort Wedding was absolutely wonderful! We had such a blast getting to be a part of Ashley and Josh’s big day and could not have asked for a better couple to capture!


The Bride and Groom

Ashley and Josh were so wonderful to work with. We have had the pleasure of being a part of a couple weddings within Ashley’s family and they are ALWAYS something we look forward to. These two were both so thoughtful, and so much fun to be around, and they truly have an amazing story. They met on the other side of the world, and while they had feelings for each other, with an eminent move to the states coming up, nothing could really happen. Then by chance, Josh moved back to the same area as Ashley a few years later and though he had always kept in touch, he saw the doors of opportunity open again, and asked her to meet him for coffee. This was the start (again) to a truly phenomenal relationship!

The Venue – Arden Hills Resort – Sacramento, California

This was such a fun venue to shoot at. It is really a gorgeous property, that has a country club feel to it, but really offers so much more than that. The main draw to this venue has to be the architecture, specifically of the bed and breakfast on the property. It’s a beautiful home (and a large one at that!) with an amazing staircase and tons of beautiful decorations. Add to that lush, beautiful gardens, and some amazing sunlight, and you have a recipe for some amazing shots!

The Wedding  – Arden Hills Resort Wedding

The entire day took place on this wonderful property. The girls got ready in the upstairs of the house, while Josh and his guys were in the main building. A little later on, when Ashley was finished with hair and makeup, she slipped into her dress and was greeted by cheers and laughter from her bridesmaids. Then she walked down the central staircase to meet her father, which was a super touching moment. Finally she left to go see her soon to be husband, and they too shared a beautiful moment as they saw each other for the first time that day. Later, they were joined by tons of guests as the said their vows, and officially became husband and wife!

Then it was off to the reception, and it was a great one! They had an amazing candy bar, wonderful toasts, a beautiful video about their relationship, and an absolutely packed dance floor! We are so excited for these two, and were absolutely thrilled to be able to capture their Arden Hills Resort Wedding!

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The Vendors!

Photographer | Rhonda Piper Photography

Venue | Arden Hills Resort

Coordinator | In The Now Weddings

DJ | DJ ButtaB

Photo Booth | Fete Photo Booth

Florist | Amazing Floral Design

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media | Wedding Videography MN

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“My Heart Is Set” – Handsome and Gretyl

“Ordinary Love” – Ben Rector


This Gainey Vineyard wedding was absolute perfection, and we are so thrilled we were able to capture the amazing love that Kelli and Bobby share! This wedding was even more special for us, as we did both video and photo for this wonderful couples, and loved every single second of this amazing day!

The Bride and Groom

Kelli and Bobby are such amazing people. We met them a while ago, as we had done a handful of photo shoots for her sister’s family. We met up for lunch to talk about their weddings video / photo and instantly hit it off. From there, we shot what is still to date one of our favorite engagement sessions we’ve ever done and just had an all around blast hanging out with them on that shoot. To say we were looking forward to this wedding would definitely be an understatement, as we just couldn’t wait to hang out with these two wonderful people again!

The Venue – Gainey Vineyard Wedding – Santa Barbara, California

We absolutely love this venue. Funny enough, when we met up with Kelli and Bobby they had asked us what our favorite venue was in the area, and we mentioned that there were tons of awesome venues, but that Gainey Vineyard was probably our favorite place that we had shot. We explained that it was a gorgeous vineyard, that also captured that almost ranch feel with the beautiful surrounding mountains and scenery. A short while later they let us know that they had secured their venue and were ready to book….Oh and that their venue was going to be Gainey Vineyards!

The Wedding  – Gainey Vineyard Wedding Video


While this was mainly a Gainey Vineyard wedding, the day started in Santa Barbara where Kelli and Bobby each got ready for the day. We loved that they did more traditional vows in the ceremony, but had each written each other personal vows which they read to themselves during the morning prep time.

After hair and makeup was done, Kelli and her girls went to the Santa Ynez Inn to finish getting ready, and to put on her absolutely stunning dress, while Bobby and the guys hung back for a bit and then made their way to Gainey Vineyards. These two chose to see each other for the first time as Kelli was escorted down the aisle by her father, and it was such a special moment. Shortly after, these two were officially husband and wife! Then everyone went over to the reception area and enjoyed a wonderful night full of beautiful dances, great toasts, and a very packed dance floor! During this time we were able to sneak away with Kelli and Bobby for a short time during sunset to really take advantage of such beautiful surroundings!

It was so awesome being able to capture both video and photo for these two amazing people, so be sure to also check out the photos below


Gainey Vineyard WeddingGainey Vineyard WeddingGainey Vineyard WeddingGainey Vineyard WeddingGainey Vineyard WeddingGainey Vineyard WeddingGainey Vineyard Wedding

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The Vendors!

Photographer | Redmond Digital Media 

Florist | Green and Crumb

Hair / Makeup | Luxe Salon

Venue | Gainey Vineyard

Santa Ynez Inn

Cupcakes | Crushcakes

DJ | Gavin Roy Presents

Dress | BHLDN

Signs | Laurel Lynn

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media | Wedding Videography MN

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“Wants What It Wants” – Andrew Belle


Capturing Natalie and Garrett’s Minnesota wedding video was an absolute dream. These two are amazing people inside and out, and were such a joy to be around the entire day!


The Bride and Groom

If we had to describe Natalie and Garrett in a few words, we would say adventurous, joyful, and loving. Seriously, these two are perfect together. Both Natalie and Garrett were smiling and laughing the entire day, and you could quickly tell how much they cared for each other, and how excited they were to start their married lives together. As Garrett so perfectly explained it in his vows, they were destined to be together. Though they had many opportunities to cross paths throughout their lives, it wasn’t until a few years ago on a chance trip home for Garrett, that these two fell in love.

The adventurous side of these two is so inspiring. It’s not just their honeymoon trip planned around Vietnam that screams adventure, but also they way these two carry themselves, and their outlook on life. Add to that the fact that the weather was not cooperating, but Natalie and Garrett didn’t care. They were thrilled to be out in the rain celebrating their love, even if it meant getting a little wet.

The Venue – Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding – Rochester, Minnesota

We got the privilege of shooting here twice in a row, and it certainly didn’t disappoint either time. The property was still gorgeous, despite a fair amount of rain, and every little detail in both the top and bottom areas of the barn were so perfect.

The Wedding  – Minnesota Wedding Video, Rochester, MN

This Minnesota wedding video took place entirely at the Mayowood Stone Barn. Natalie and her girls started hair and makeup in the “Bridle Room” while Garrett and his guys were upstairs in the trophy room. Soon after hair and makeup was finished, Natalie slipped into her gorgeous gown, while Garrett spent a few moment giving his groomsmen gifts. Then despite the rain, these two made their way to the first look. Natalie peeked out of the barn door to see Garrett waiting there for her, and needless to say he was speechless when he turned around.

After their beautiful first look, Natalie and Garrett decided that as long as they had an umbrella in hand, they wanted to take advantage of the natural beauty of the Mayowood Stone Barn, and we are so happy that they were so adventurous. We won’t lie, it was tough to shoot in what became POURING rain, but the images turned out SO perfect, and these two are just so in love, it makes our job easy!

Following a few sets of pictures, Natalie and Garrett exchanged thoughtful gifts, and then got ready for their ceremony! It was a beautiful ceremony, and we honestly don’t know if we have ever heard more beautiful and touching vows. After these two exchanged rings they were officially announced as husband and wife! Later, everyone gathered in the lower floor of the barn for a wonderful dinner, beautiful toasts, and a night full of dancing! Somewhere in the middle of all that, the clouds broke, and revealed a stunning sunset filled with perfect golden light. So of course, we couldn’t resist sneaking outside one last time to capture the truly perfect love that Natalie and Garrett share!

We could not have asked for a more perfect venue or couple for this Minnesota wedding video!

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The Vendors!

Photographer | Plaid Poppy Designs

Coordinator | The Yellow Rose 

Florist | Fox and Fern Floral

Hair | Blue H2O Salon

Makeup | Amber Berry

Venue | Mayowood Stone Barn | Rochester, MN

Transportation | Rochester Trolley

Cake | Top Tier Delights

Catering | Power Ventures

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media | Wedding Videography MN

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“Daylight” – Foxworth Hall