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    Love is indescribable. Bobby & I absolutely love being married and adore telling love stories. We met when I was 13 & he was 14 on a mission trip to Mexico. Bobby started filming weddings in 2007 and studied cinematography through college. I started with an interest in photography, but the more I fell in love with Bobby, filming became part of the deal.

    After years together through middle school, high school & college, we tied the knot on June 4, 2011 in Minnesota, surrounded by family & friends. Now, we are wedding videographers in Minneapolis, offering wedding videography services around the world, looking for any excuse to tell a love story with our cameras!

    Redmond Digital Media is proud to be based in Minneapolis, offering wedding videography services around Minnesota, and destination weddings worldwide.

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Being able to capture Jenn and Vedant’s Heartstone Ranch Wedding Video in Carpinteria, California was an absolute joy. These are two of the happiest people we have ever met, and they were just so excited to get married!


The Bride and Groom

We said it before, but these two were just such happy people. Multiple times throughout the day you could catch either of these two saying how they weren’t nervous, they were just so happy. We absolutely loved getting to spend the day with Jenn and Vedant as they are such fun and caring people, and they both have amazing friends and family.

The Venue – Heartstone Ranch Wedding

This wedding took place across a couple different locations. The ceremony itself took place at El Montecito Presbyterian Church in Santa Barbara, CA. A beautiful church tucked away in the upper village area. The reception was held at the absolutely stunning property of Heartstone Ranch. Located in the foothills of Carpinteria this wonderful venue features a gorgeous house, sprawling lawns, horses on the property, a breathtaking view of both the ocean and the mountains.

The Wedding  – Carpinteria, California

The day started with Jenn and Vedant each in different homes in the Santa Barbara area to get ready. Jenn and the girls did their hair and makeup, and relaxed as the guys got their tuxes on. From there, the guys and girls left (separately) for the church. Vedant did some final prep and then these two walked down the aisle to officially get married! The ceremony was beautiful, both from the sermon given, as well as the personal touches that Jenn and Vedant chose to include. A song of worship led by Jenn’s father and sister, and a traditional song led by Vedant’s relatives. Not to mention the beautiful vows written to each other.

After that guest ventured off to Heartstone Ranch for cocktail hour, while Jenn and Vedant escaped to the beach for some pictures. When they were finished they joined their guests on the lawn for some games, family photos, and lots of laughter! After the bridal party did their grand entrance, guests were treated to an amazing Indian dinner, beautiful toasts from friends and family, wonderful dances, and a seemingly unending amount of happiness for these two!

We were so thrilled to capture this Heartstone Ranch wedding video. Jenn and Vedant were so amazing to work with and we think they are an absolutely perfect pair!

The Vendors

Venue | Heartstone Ranch

El Montecito Presbyterian Church

Photographer | Mollie Crutcher Photography

Coordinator | Donna Romani Events

Catering | Natraj

Cupcakes | Crushcakes

Ceremony Music | Vincent Zorn

DJ | Ray Aspuria

Appetizers | Sushi Teri

Transportation | Jump On The Bus

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media


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It was an absolute joy to film Junrel and Shaneelyn’s The Gardens at Peacock Farms wedding video in the Central Coast of California. These two were to in love, so joyful, and so happy to be able to celebrate with their friends and family!

The Bride and Groom

Junrel and Shaneelyn are such an amazing couple. We got to meet them a few months before their wedding actually, as they had us shoot a love story for them at the place where he proposed. Maybe the word cute is a bit overused, but these two are just so cute together. They are SO in love, and such incredibly joyful people. I don’t think there was a moment in the day where you couldn’t see a smile on their faces. To top it all off, they are some of the most selfless, generous people. They were always going out of their way to make sure their friends and family (and vendors!) we doing well and having a great time. We were so honored to be a part of this wedding and are happy to now call these two friends.

The Venue – The Gardens at Peacock Farms Wedding

Everything took place at this wonderful venue, and this was actually our second time having the opportunity to film there. The first time we shot at The Gardens at Peacock Farms was a couple years ago, but we remember absolutely loving what this place had to offer. It seriously has so many awesome aspects to it. The bridal suite is a large, open, well lit area that is super well decorated. The “man cave” has a ton of wonderful amenities to offer to the groom and his guys. The ceremony and reception area is gorgeous, and the property has a fruit cart, a beautiful vineyard, and multiple animals around the area.

The Wedding  – Central Coast, California

Shaneelyn and her great group of bridesmaids started earlier in the day with their hair and makeup in the gorgeous bridal suite. A little later, Junrel and his guys arrived on the property to get dressed and hang out in the man cave. Throughout the morning, family and guests were arriving and being greeted by a smiling bride or groom! After everyone was ready, Shaneelyn and Junrel took photos with their respective wedding party members, making sure not to see each other, and just before the ceremony, each of them opened a gift from the other. After that, these two walked down the aisle (accompanied by their new puppy!) and officially became mr. and mrs! Then everyone was invited to their reception, filled with wonderful food, beautiful decorations, and some of the best dancing we’ve seen at a wedding. In addition, everyone was treated to incredibly beautiful toasts from many friends and family, including a live song from their good friends.

Capturing this The Gardens at Peacock Farms Wedding Video was such an honor. Not only was it a beautiful day, but we got to spend it with this amazing bride and groom, who we could not be happier for!

The Vendors

Venue | The Gardens at Peacock Farms

Photographer | A. Blake Photography

Coordinator | CJN Event Planning

Catering | Upper Crust

DJ | Epic Entertainment SLO

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media


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Being able to film Carolina and Ricardo’s Canary Hotel wedding video in Santa Barbara was a dream come true. Not only were they an amazing couple, but their venue was absolutely stunning.


The Bride and Groom

These two were so awesome to work with! We loved that they were serious about their love for each other, but also knew how to let loose and enjoy what is essentially a big party with their best friends. They are so clearly in love, and were both just so happy from the very beginning of their wedding day until the very end.

The Venue – Canary Hotel Wedding

Though there were a few other venues involved throughout the day, things started and ended at the Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara, California. We had attended events at the Canary Hotel in the past, but this was our first opportunity to shoot there, and we were SO looking forward to it! It is set in the heard of downtown Santa Barbara, just off of State Street. It has an gorgeous entryway, and beautiful decorations throughout. However, what really sets this venue apart is that they hold their events up on the rooftop, overlooking the wonderful city of Santa Barbara, with the mountains to one side, and the ocean on the other.

The Wedding  – Santa Barbara, CA

Carolina and her bridesmaids started the morning off at the Canary hotel, relaxing while getting their hair and makeup done. Meanwhile, Ricardo and the guys were at a home in Santa Barbara that belongs to a local artist. It was such a unique and awesome spot for the guys to spend the morning and a wonderful backdrop for the pictures and video. After everyone was dressed and ready to go, Carolina and Ricardo made their way to Our Lady of Sorrows in downtown Santa Barbara to officially become Mr. and Mrs.! Friends and family looked on as these two tied the knot, and joined them afterwards for some pictures! From there, the wedding party hopped on a trolley and made their way to the Santa Barbara Courthouse property to do another round of photos. We’ve shot at the courthouse before, and it is always a treat with it’s lush gardens and beautiful architecture. From there guest were invited to a cocktail hour at the Canary Hotel, followed by an amazing reception party up on the roof.

We were so thrilled to be able to capture this Canary Hotel wedding video, and could not be more happy for Carolina and Ricardo!

The Vendors

Venue | Canary Hotel

Our Lady of Sorrows

Santa Barbara Courthouse

Photographer | Michelle Flores Photography

Coordinator | Once in a Lifetime Santa Barbara

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media


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We were so honored to have been asked to capture Rea and Jon’s Bacara Resort Wedding Video in Santa Barbara, California.

The Bride and Groom

One of the things that we loved about this couple is how in love they were. We were grateful to get to spend a day with them a few months before their wedding day to capture that love with a love story. Although we had briefly met when they were thinking about hiring us, the time we spent that afternoon at the Santa Barbara Courthouse really confirmed our feelings that this was going to be an awesome wedding.

The Venue – Bacara Resort Wedding

The day started and ended at the Bacara Resort, and this place certainly knows how to host a party. It is one of, if not THE most gorgeous properties in Santa Barbara. It sprawls along a cliff overlooking the ocean, and is complete with perfectly maintained gardens, beautiful suites and architecture throughout, and wonderful balconies to take in the view. For the ceremony however, guests were invited to Our Lady of Sorrows, a gorgeous church which sits just on the outskirts of downtown Santa Barbara.

The Wedding  – Santa Barbara, CA

Both Rea and Jon spent the morning at the Bacara resort. Rea and her girls did their hair and makeup and enjoyed their time together as the big moment approached. Jon was just a couple villas away getting ready with his groomsmen before heading over to the Bacara Resort chapel to see his stunning bride for the first time. Rea was walked to the chapel by her sister, and things got emotional the moment she saw Jon waiting for her. After their first look, and some photos overlooking the ocean, Rea and Jon left for the church (in style might we add) to get married! Following the ceremony, friends and family took pictures outside of the church and then the bridal party left for the Bacara Resort, where they did the rest of their pictures both outside in the gardens, as well as inside in some of the beautiful interiors. Rea and Jon made sure to be able to join their guests for a bit of cocktail hour, where they did a dove release, and then they treated their guests to a wonderful dinner, some amazing toasts, showed their love story video, and danced the night away!

This Bacara Resort wedding video was a joy to be a part of, and we are so happy for Rea and Jon.

The Vendors

Venue | Bacara Resort Santa Barbara

Photographer | Poiema Photography

Coordinator | Percy Sales Events

Florist | Santa Barbara Style

Hair | Susie Bello

Makeup | AbFab On The Go

Lighting | Bella Vista

DJ | Scott Topper Productions

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media


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Marin and Alex’s Robert Hall Winery wedding was nothing short of amazing. These two are so fun and so in love. They were thrilled to have us there to capture their wedding, and the feeling was mutual! They had a beautiful venue, an all star team of vendors, and combined with a breathtaking sunset over the vineyards, we could not have asked for more!


The girls spent their morning at the Paso Robles Inn doing hair and makeup and resting up before the big day! From there, they left for Robert Hall Winery, and let’s just say this place is GORGEOUS. It’s a beautiful, large brick building set inside a vineyard, with beautiful arches, set in the beautiful backdrop that is Paso Robles. After arriving at the winery, it was time to put the dress on! From there, the girls went out to the vineyard for a few pictures and then hid back inside just in time for Alex to arrive and head down to the barrel room. When the guys had made their way down to the barrel room, Alex shared a touching moment with his father, as he gave him his father’s day gift. After everyone was dressed and a few more photo sessions, all of their wonderful guests arrived to watch these two become mr. and mrs.!


The ceremony was beautiful, both in what was by the officiant and Marin and Alex’s vows, as well as by the beautiful vineyard which was the backdrop for this ceremony. From there, guests made their way to the reception complete with a cigar bar, wonderful toasts, and amazing food. Somewhere in the reception, everyone was treated to a stunning sunset, which Marin and Alex made the most of by going out for one last photo / video session, and it was so beautiful.


At the end of the night, Marin and Alex left their Robert Hall Winery wedding  in style, sent off by all of their guests in a tunnel of bubbles, and a vintage car. We were so honored to be a part of this amazing couple’s Robert Hall Winery wedding, and are so thrilled for these two to officially be MARRIED!



Venue | Robert Hall Winery

Paso Robles Inn

Photographer | A. Blake Photography

Coordinator / DJ | Kramer Events

Catering | Catering by Crave

Florist | Flowers By Kim

Cake | The Cakery


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Robert Hall Winery Wedding

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