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    Love is indescribable. Bobby & I absolutely love being married and adore telling love stories. We met when I was 13 & he was 14 on a mission trip to Mexico. Bobby started filming weddings in 2007 and studied cinematography through college. I started with an interest in photography, but the more I fell in love with Bobby, filming became part of the deal.

    After years together through middle school, high school & college, we tied the knot on June 4, 2011 in Minnesota, surrounded by family & friends. Now, we are wedding videographers in Minneapolis, offering wedding videography services around the world, looking for any excuse to tell a love story with our cameras!

    Redmond Digital Media is proud to be based in Minneapolis, offering wedding videography services around Minnesota, and destination weddings worldwide.

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Cate and Rob’s Fess Parker Doubletree wedding was absolutely perfect. From the gorgeous venue, to the beautiful decorations, we wouldn’t change a thing! Add in one of the most awesome couple’s we’ve ever met, and this wedding was truly one to remember!

The Bride and Groom

Cate and Rob have such a wonderful story. They met on the soccer field, a passion they both share, and even had a few mutual friends beforehand. They are such wonderfully kind people, always looking out for others, and are truly the definition of adventurous. We absolutely loved the time we got to spend with these two, and were thrilled to be able to tell their story.

The Venue – Fess Parker Doubletree Wedding

This was not our first time getting to shoot a Fess Parker Doubletree wedding, and we certainly hope it won’t be the last. Set across the street from the ocean, there are few venues with a better view than this one. There are multiple locations throughout the property to hold the different events of the day, and we must say, Cate and Rob picked the best spots for their wedding. The ceremony was out on the lawn, surrounded by palm trees and looking directly at the ocean. The perfect backdrop for these two. The reception was on par with the beauty of the day, held in the rotunda, a beautiful open air room with large arches on all sides.

The Wedding  – Santa Barbara, California

Cate and her girls started the day in one of the rooms as the Fess Parker Doubletree doing their hair and makeup, relaxing, and laughing while Rob and his groomsmen got ready just down the hall. We loved watching Rob help both his dad, and Cate’s dad with their bow ties, such a special moment! After everyone was ready, and a few pictures, Rob left for one of the courtyards, where shortly after, Cate came down, and these two shared a beautiful first look. After that, we had a chance to do some bride and groom shots, and then everyone (guests included) made their way to the lawn to watch Cate and Rob become husband and wife!

From the ceremony, Cate and Rob left for a little time on the beach, and then joined their guests at the cocktail hour. Finally, everyone was invited downstairs for an amazing reception. Not only did the reception feature some amazing food, and wonderful toasts, but also an amazing choreographed dance, by Cate and Rob, and later in the night, a little karaoke from the groom himself!

Being able to capture Cate and Rob’s elegant and vibrant Fess Parker Doubletree wedding was so wonderful. It was perfect in every way, and we could not have asked for a better couple to work with!


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The Vendors!

Coordinator | Haley Brantley AMS Entertainment

Photographer | Found Creative

Band | Invier

Florist | Maggie Jensen

Hair / Makeup | Cristina Colon

Cindy Melendrez

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“Dreamers” – Oh Gravity

“Life’s What You Make It” – Graham Colton


Kayla and Syam’s Santa Barbara Historical Museum wedding was such an amazing blend of cultures, traditions, and of course, two amazing families! We were so honored to be there to capture such a special day for these two!


The Bride and Groom

This wedding had been circled on our calendars for a while as we were so looking forward to being a part of it! When Syam and Kayla were telling us about the events planned for the day, and how it would be a blend of cultures and traditions, we couldn’t wait to see how that would translate to our cameras! The love these two share is special. They are both so joyful and easy going, always looking out for everyone around them and laughing almost non stop!

The Venue – Santa Barbara Historical Museum Wedding

We absolutely love this venue. It’s just the right size, and has multiple different and beautiful locations within it. It is tucked away right in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, and if you didn’t know it was there you’d probably drive right past it. From the street you see some old spanish style gates and buildings (which are of course beautiful), but when you get inside you are treated to amazing architecture, gorgeous gardens, and a wonderful courtyard area.

The Wedding  – Santa Barbara, California

The day started with Kayla and Syam each at their own places in the morning, hanging out with family, and starting to get ready for the day. It was such a calm and relaxed time and was the perfect start to what would be an amazing rest of the day. Kayla headed to the Santa Barbara Historical Museum where she got her dress on, touched up some makeup, pinned her dad’s boutonniere on and then left to go meet here groom! Syam on the other hand wrapped up getting ready at the house and then made his way to a beautiful little courtyard to await the first look with his bride. After these two shared a moment, it was time for photos with family and friends. From there Kayla was tucked away in the bridal suite, while Syam mounted his beautifully decorated white horse which he rode down the pathway as part of the Barat. Friends, family, and guests alike danced the entire way down until Syam got off the horse and joined them!

Next up was the ceremony, which was a perfect mix of traditions and cultures. After these two were officially mr. and mrs. everyone was invited to a cocktail hour, followed by a wonderful reception full of amazing (and hilarious) toasts, TONS of dancing, and great food!

Capturing the love these two share was effortless. They are such kind people and care so deeply about each other. Their day was absolutely perfect from start to finish, and we were so happy we were able to be a part of their Santa Barbara historical museum wedding!


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The Vendors!


Coordinator | Wild Heart Events

Photographer | Brooke Borough Photography 

Catering | Omni Catering

DJ | DJ Zeke

Florist | Coco Rose Design

Hair / Makeup | White Peacock Bridal

Lighting | Bella Vista

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“Petrichor” – Long Lake

“Chase the Sun” – Aaron and Andrew



Everything about Lindsey and Frank’s Hummingbird Nest Ranch wedding was gorgeous. From the couple, to the decorations, to the venue, it was all absolutely perfect, and we were so thrilled to have been there to capture their love!


The Bride and Groom

We were so excited when Lindsey and Frank contacted us about shooting their wedding. First of all, they sounded like awesome people (and they were!). Additionally, they were getting married at one of the most beautiful properties that we had ever shot at, so we couldn’t wait to go back, and lastly, in her first email, Lindsey mentioned that she felt a real connection with our story in our about us section and that she had grown up in MN as well, So, we knew we’d all get along great!

These two were the definition of fun. They both had a blast all day long with each other and their friends and families. Cracking jokes and making each other smile from the minute they met!

The Venue – Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding

It’s hard to pick an absolute favorite venue to film, but this one is certainly in the running. This was the second chance we’ve had to shoot a Hummingbird Nest Ranch wedding and we certainly hope we get the opportunity again in the future!

This place is stunning. It is a gorgeous property surrounded almost completely by mountains, but being high up itself, it offers distant views as well. The grounds are impeccable with amazing gardens, and a huge lawn for equestrian events in the back. The interior is no different, with extravagant decorations in every room, and amazing architecture throughout. One of the best parts about the property though is that there are many locations throughout the venue for different wedding events. So, at each stage of the wedding guests were treated to some new surroundings and visuals, which only adds to the day!

The Wedding  – Simi Valley, California

Given the nature of this wonderful venue, everything took place on the property from start to finish. Lindsey started out with her bridesmaids and mom getting hair and makeup done on a balcony overlooking the lawn. Despite a brush fire delaying them, Frankie and his guys made it to the villa on the property to get dressed as well. Then, Lindsey’s sister ventured over to the guys to deliver a gift for Frankie, and to take one back to Lindsey.

After the gifts were opened, Lindsey was helped into her amazing wedding dress by her bridesmaids, and the finishing touches were put on by her mom. As that was happening, Frank walked over to the main building, just next to their ceremony location to await his bride for their first look! After a few bridal shots, Lindsey ventured downstairs to see her soon to be husband for the first time! It was such a magical moment these two shared filled with sweet words, and of course, lots of laughter.

Then, family and friends gathered to watch these two officially become husband and wife! Following that, guests followed the mariachi band to cocktail hour and eventually to a wonderful reception with an amazing live and and incredible food!

We had so much fun with Lindsey and Frank, and let’s be honest, they made our jobs easy. They both love to laugh and their love for each other is so apparent the second you meet them!


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The Vendors!

Venue | Hummingbird Nest Ranch

Photographer | Kristina Lee Photography

Coordinator | Jessica Niblett

Hair | Christopher Styles

Makeup | Veil of Grace

Live Band | The Q Band

DJ | DJ Lovechild

Photobooth | Kiki Photobooth

Florist | Flowers by Maria

Catering | Lola’s

Cake | Sweet Art Bake Shop

Late Night Snacks | In n Out

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“Pieces” – Andrew Belle

“Shine Like Lightning” – Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors


Getting to travel back to one of our all time favorite venues to capture Kristen and John’s Dos Pueblos Ranch wedding was absolutely amazing, and we are so thrilled to be able to share this video!

The Bride and Groom

To put it simply, Kristen and John are just fun people. Their entire day whether they were with friends, family, or with each other, everyone was laughing and having a good time. These two are so perfect for each other and we were so honored to be able to capture their love while being a part of their Dos Pueblos Ranch wedding!

The Venue – Dos Pueblos Ranch Wedding

We were so happy to hear the venue that these two chose for their wedding, because it is definitely up there on our list of favorite places to shoot. It was also great because Kristen and John switched up the location of a few events throughout the day which allowed us to look at the area from a new perspective! Dos Pueblos Ranch is a beautiful historic property in northern Santa Barbara that sits right on the ocean. There is a gorgeous house on the property and not far away a beautiful cliff overlooking the water, where the ceremony took place

The Wedding  – Santa Barbara, California

The day took place from start to finish at Dos Pueblos Ranch. The morning started with Kristen and the girls getting ready in the upstairs of the house, while John and his groomsmen got dressed downstairs. We arrived as John was writing a letter to Kristen which was delivered and read shortly after. When John and the guys were finished getting dressed, they took a few photos, and then John went out to the greenhouse to await his beautiful bride! After Kristen was helped into her dress, she too made her way to the greenhouse where she and John would see each other for the first time on their wedding day! After their beautiful first look, and some family photos, the wedding party made their way to the top of the cliff where they were joined by all the guests to witness Kristen and John tie the knot against a breathtaking backdrop.

After the ceremony everyone was invited first to a beach front cocktail hour, and then to the lawn area of the Casa Grande where they would enjoy wonderful food, a beautifully decorated reception, plenty of dancing, and lots and lots of laughter!

Being able to capture the love these two share at their Dos Pueblos Ranch wedding was amazing, and we are so happy for these two!


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The Vendors!

Venue | Dos Pueblos Ranch

Photographer | Michael and Anna Costa Photography

Coordinator | Alicia K Designs

Hair / Makeup | Jamie Danielian – Skin Spa

Additional Hair / Makeup – La Rouge

Florist | Blue Magnolia Florals

Catering | SBB Gourmet Catering

Lighting | Islay Events

DJ | Gavin Roy Presents

Transportation | Jump on the School Bus

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media

Music Licensed Through The Music Bed 

“The Fire” – Seryn


Being able to capture Jesse and Curtis, and the love they share at their Hammersky Vineyards wedding was such a treat, and we are so excited to share this video!

The Bride and Groom

Jesse and Curtis have an amazing love story, and we were so thrilled to be able to capture it at their Hammersky Vineyards wedding. These two are some of the nicest, most genuine people you will ever meet, and they are just SO in love. We must say that this was one of the most emotional weddings we’ve ever been to. It seemed like everyone watching was crying as these two amazing people exchanged vows!

The Venue – Hammersky Vineyards Wedding

This was the first time we had the chance to shoot at this venue, and to say we were blown away would be an understatement. This gorgeous property is tucked away deep in Paso Robles (like no cell reception deep) and is just incredibly beautiful. Rows and rows of green vineyards offset the natural golden tint of the central coast, and during sunset the entire property just pops with color! At the center of the vineyards is a beautiful rustic house with a renovated barn next to it, and off in the distance sits an incredible oak tree.

The Wedding  – Paso Robles, California

The entire event took place at Hammersky from start to finish. The morning started with Jesse, her bridesmaids, and a few family members relaxing in the house and getting their hair and makeup done. Soon after, Curtis and the guys arrived and made their way to the loft inside the barn where they got their suits on. After hair and makeup, Jesse was helped into her dress by her mom and sisters, and then she was off to meet Curtis, who was waiting for her in the vineyards for their first look. We love first looks. They are a wonderful way to share a special moment on your wedding day, and most people feel much more calm about the day afterwards. This first look was one of our favorites to date. It was an incredibly emotional and special moment that these two shared as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day!

After the tears had stopped, Jesse and Curtis gathered with friends and family for a few photos, and then everyone ventured off the the ceremony location, tucked under the huge oak tree, to watch these two become husband and wife! The fun didn’t stop there, however, as everyone was treated to an amazing reception afterwards with great toasts, wonderful food, and of course breathtakingly beautiful surroundings in all directions!

We absolutely loved getting to know Jesse and Curtis, and were incredibly happy to be a part of their Hammersky Vineyards wedding!

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The Vendors!

Venue | Hammersky Vineyards

Photographer | A. Blake Photography

Coordinator | Kramer Events

Videographer | Redmond Digital Media